Testimonials — See what our clients are saying about their training experience. 

I’ve worked with trainers at NYHRC, Equinox, and Crunch and I can tell you that none of them have the drive and attention to their clients that Scott has.
Does working with Scott lead to a sexier, stronger body? - of course but that’s not what’s at the core of Specific Training. Scott’s biggest gift to his clients is an understanding of how to live more fully. He works with you to develop a plan that will bring you into your potential. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Josh B. (NYC)
I train with Scott from Specific Training and I must say, Scott is an excellent personal trainer. I trust him with directing me towards a better body with all my heart. Results have been great so far and I plan on using Specific Training far into the future.
— Nathalie Y. (NYC)
Specific Training is a top Personal Training Team in NYC! I’ve been training with Scott and Specific Training two or three times a week, consistently, for three years and think they are the best!
— Ken N. (NYC)
Scott is a wonderful trainer with whom I have been working one to two times a week for the past year. We have focused specifically on exercise and strength training that improves balance, flexibility and posture, key points as you pass the 60 yr threshold. I am in better shape now than I have ever been, due to Scott’s direction and with his motivation. Before working with Scott, I frequently had shoulder or back or neck pain after working out. Scott teaches you the right method of exercise, and even though it is a harder workout than you would do on your own, it results in no pain. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how it works, and he is keenly interested in nutrition, giving sound advice as a practitioner. Best of all, Scott has a terrific sense of humor. And who wants to go to the gym with a trainer who has no sense of humor? I recommend him without reservation.
— Peter G. (NYC)
Specific Training Helped me to reach my desired shape faster than any other personal trainer I had used previously.
— Brett H. (NYC)
Enrolling with Specific Training was an instant lifestyle changer for me and I would suggest it to anyone! Not only will their trainers guide you through every set in the gym, my trainer has given me countless diet advice including meal plans, grocery lists and recipes.
— Lauren H. (NYC)
Scott helped me to get back in a good shape in 5 weeks. I learned how to eat and work out properly that makes my life easier. I would recommend Scott to my friends and family for better health..
— Charles K. (NYC)
— Tommy R. (NYC)
What Scotty brings to the table is a precise knowledge of all aspects of what it means to properly get the most out of your gym, your body and your time. Form before function, understanding before routine. And most of all fun about training. And having someone who’s also on top of the latest science of proper nutrition, supplementation and muscle growth makes having Scott Schmidel as my Personal Trainer a true no brainer.
— James H. (NYC)
After my initial consultation I knew that Specific Training would be a great professional service that would help me to reach my goals. My Trainer gained my trust instantly by taking my concerns into account 100% of our workouts. I recommend Specific Training to anyone who wants a better body and healthier life.
— Mary C. (NYC)